Waste No More is a new expression of EILEEN FISHER, embodying the art and design of conscious consumption. Waste No More creates at the intersection of creativity, ecology, and architecture, and is concerned with the beauty of the discarded and the potential of the repurposed. Unused or unusable material scraps are brought together, in traditional and untraditional ways, and transformed into wallworks, acoustic and aesthetic panels, garments, and objects. These works come from individuals, collaborations, and partnerships between people and technology; they become works for homes, hospitality and public spaces.

A truly circular venture, Waste No More is about more than the reuse of old into new. It’s an upending to the conventional cycle of consumerism: from manufacture, to use, to disposal. It’s opening up the apparel industry into multiple industries; rethinking the traditional roles of materials; rerouting familiar supply chains into surprising new systems. Waste No More is an effort to bring together art and invention, artists and businesses towards a zero-waste, high-design future.

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